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Stanley McCluskey

Author & Speaker


Stanley McCluskey grew up in Alabama with his mom, dad, and three younger brothers. When he was twenty years old his parents divorced and he learned first-hand the phrase that a divorced friend had uttered to him two years prior, “divorce is worse than death.”

Everyone dies but everyone does not necessarily divorce, and Stanley never imagined that divorce would happen to his family. It broke his heart, especially when he looked around at friends whose families were still intact. Why his family? Even years later when he had the unfortunate task of burying his parents on separate occasions, the pain he felt with their deaths paled in comparison to the pain that he still feels today when he thinks of the divorce. He learned the statement “divorce is worse than death” was true - but he also discovered that acceptance of this could actually bring relief. He hopes sharing his story, as well as those of many others affected by divorce whom he interviewed, along with useful tips and resources, will help others find relief, comfort, and hope too.

Stanley is an award-winning speaker in Toastmasters International and is available for author interviews and speaking engagements upon request. Stanley resides with his wife in Ellicott City, Maryland, and is the father of two daughters and a grandfather.

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Special Thanks to Book Coach & Mentor Michele Chynoweth

I didn’t consider myself to be a good writer at first, but Michele helped me to polish my skills and add stories to help bring my book to life; she not only served as my book coach and editor but as my mentor, friend and biggest cheerleader.

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