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Divorce or the death of a dream can sometimes be as devastating as the death of a loved one. This book wasn’t written to encourage or discourage divorce but to help people who are going through it to realize that it’s ok if this is how you feel. Divorce is complicated. Some may rejoice while others feel like they just lost their best friend. There is no “one size fits all,” and it’s ok to grieve.

This book is a valuable resource that offers support to anyone navigating this difficult path. It explores the loss experienced in a divorce - your partner, relationships, family dynamics, and dreams. Personal narratives are woven through the book to explore the impact divorce had on people and to provide hope for the future.

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I enjoyed reading the case studies. Each one I could relate to my experience or someone I know. Divorce Is Worse Than Death is thought provoking, encouraging the reader to analyze their own circumstances and possible outcomes of the choices they make.

Great for those who are contemplating divorce



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